Not that long ago, before there was AI, we created an online literary journal at GreenMountainWriters.com. Our intention was to share the work we developed in the workshop process. The model was intended to place controls over publication back in the hands of the authors. As a contributing member, you could decide when you were ready to share your work. There would be no top-down submission and approval process.

The intention was to make all of the work readily available online for everyone to enjoy without restriction. Then AI began to stalk and consume any and every open source of writing it could find to ingest. With that in mind, we decided to protect the work by placing it behind a paywall. A contribution of any amount qualifies you as a subscriber. You will be granted a personal account and gain access to all of the published works in the Green Mountain Writers private Literary Review.

We are still building the site and porting over the existing content at the moment. Stick around and watch us grow…