Stephen Kastner

Stephen Kastner

Stephen Kastner writes essays, science fiction, memoir, poetry, and is currently working on a screenplay and novel about his Quaker ancestor Thomas Maule, who was arrested for defending the wise women accused of witchcraft in Salem in 1692. He leads the Green Mountain Writers Group in Vermont and creates digital media professionally as DesignWise Studios. Follow his Antediluvian Attitudes on Substack:

The World and what you make of it

The World by Stephen Kastner for Green Mountain Writers Review

It is what you make of it, your world. But is it really all you’ve got? Your hands representing creativity, your feet representing mobility, your senses like windows to all that surrounds you. Touch is the panorama, your skin the…

La Maison Dieu

La Maison Dieu by Stephen Kastner for Green Mountain Writers Review

If unassisted, I can move from my bed to a wheelchair, someday I might be able to stand up again, and learn to use a walker. The staff nurse just brought in a box wrapped in silvery blue foil, adorned…