Aquarius, the Water Bearer

I am the Tarot’s mythical Super Star.

The Star
The Star

I am the twinkle in men’s eyes. I have delighted you in dance, opera, and theater; when I dance, I fly and need not touch the ground. The angels envy me because my unearthly voice registers so high it rings magically. I shame Sarah Bernhardt when I act. My talents make me mythical.

Super Star once, but now look at me. I look tired with swollen eyes. I may be mythical, but I am not invincible. Along with my swollen eyes, soon my breasts will sag. I am bored standing naked with two jugs in my hands. One jug pours liquid into the sparkling water, and the other jug pours liquid onto the ground. Immortality has overwhelmed me. I am left naked with no men to dazzle with my once alluring charms.

Immortal stardom has caused me to go mad. How much longer must I endure this fantasy. I look over my head, and the stars still exist, but they have dimmed. The Stars above my head are my crowns, but my many tiaras are disintegrating. A reversal has happened. I have shown bright for so long, causing my once glorious eyes to be scorched. Like a mortal, the time has worn me down.

The Star has been around for centuries, and I dutifully served the Tarot players. However, it is now 2021, and my purpose is no longer clear. The light at the end of the tunnel is grim. I realize to be immortal serves a scholarly pursuit. The scholar learns and is fascinated by how the foundation of how the world evolved. I, too, need to learn. I want to become a modern woman. I want to dress up and become influential in today’s world. I want to dress up and dazzle the world with my intelligence and regain my power. I know this is mad, but my need is substantial. I want to take birth control pills and no longer populate the world. I want to bind myself to one true

I want to know who Elvis Presley was and dance to the Mystery Train. Rock and Roll music is mighty, and I long to hear it before going deaf. I want to sing, and dance in a Stephen Sondheim play. I want to drink a martini at a power lunch. My wants are endless. But first of all, I want to get Andrew Cuomo out of office and into jail. There is so much to learn since the beginning of Tarot cards, which birthed me. So let me go, and let me learn and solve the mysteries of COVID. Why not? I am intelligent and invincible.

The Star is an Aquarius

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