Doing It

You would think that the first time you “did it” would be memorable.


Well, I can tell you from a first-hand observer’s experience that it was. Rumors had been flying for weeks. Would they do it? When? Where? Now that was a given. The where was always out at the old quarry off Dummerhill Road. Dummerhill, what a name, who thought of that? It is, however, fitting. How much dummer can you be if you do it at the quarry off Dummerhill Road.

Jarald is a junior at Higam High. Jerald stands five feet four inches short, wears last year’s clothes, actually, his brother’s cast-off clothes, and never uses deodorant. His brother, by the way, is six-feet one. Jarald has one friend, a best friend, me. I’m Mark. I’m going to tell you the story of the most memorable day of my life.

Jarald was unable to get a date for the end of the year dance. I mean, really, he asked Hannah, the most beautiful girl in school. Of course, she would say no, who wouldn’t. I mean, after all, he’s short, the shortest in the class, and who wants to date a short, tubby guy who smells? Jarald wanted revenge, he thought about it constantly. Hannah had embarrassed him. Not by saying no to the dance, but by the way she did it. In front of everyone at the Zoom Diner, our hangout, the best place to be on a Friday night.

Jarald started the rumor in the middle of June, the week school let out.

“I heard Hannah was going to do it this summer.” Jarald, twisting sideways on the bench, cupped his hand over his mouth and loudly whispered the news.
“No way!”
“Yup, that prissy friend of hers, Clarice, told me. I think Clarice wants to go out with me.”

The lunchroom is the best place to get a rumor started, whispered just loud enough for the boys across the table to hear; it caught hold. The rumor was off and running. One whispered thought spreads like the Santa Ana winds. This one flew! I mean, kids practically fell over each other, rushing to pass it on. The first time Hannah heard it, I swear she turned red as a fresh-picked tomato. Jarald and I laughed so hard I thought we’d pee our pants. I’m not sure why I like Jarald, but I do. We’ve been friends since fourth grade. Me, I’m cool. Jarald, well, he needs me, needs me to look out for him.

For the next month, the burning question at the A & W drive-in off Valhalla Drive: did they do it yet. Jarald likes to think he was the one she will do it with. Is he dumb or what? There is no way that a hot, and I do mean hot girl would ever even consider doing it with such a dork. Don’t get me wrong, I love Jarald like a brother, but even I wouldn’t date him if I were a girl, especially a hot one like Hannah.

I remember the day, the exact date. July 21, 2021. The phones were burning up with information. Today, today is the day. Be at Dummerhill Quarry after lunch; Hannah’s going to be there. Clarice, well, Clarice told her brother who told his friend, you get the picture? Anyway, we all drove like maniacs to get there. It was true. There she was, Hannah, lying on a red and green striped blanket. Her lace bikini leaving nothing to the imagination. God, she was beautiful.

You could just feel the tension. No one said a word. We could all have passed out from lack of oxygen; we held our breath for so long. She sat up, raising her slender tan arms above her head and lazily stretched; oh, do her boobs jiggle! This was it! Standing, she waved to Clarice. Was Clarice the one? Wait! What was Hannah, a lesbian? God wouldn’t be so cruel.

Hannah grabbed Clarice’s outstretched hand, pulling her along.
“Hurry up silly”, Hannah laughing, ran towards the quarry.
“No” was all we heard as they jumped off the cliff, plunging down into the cold, dark mouth of the beckoning water.

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