La Roue de Fortune

Big changes are coming – the beginning of a new cycle on the wheel of fortune.

Wheel of Fortune
Wheel of Fortune

A big change would be to meet a woman who is not out of her mind, is supportive of my projects as I am of hers: someone who is an original thinker, and who matches me in some ways. Size, look, age, condition, and most importantly someone who swims at my level of thought. First, they have to be able to see me. I am invisible to some, eye-catching to others. Some people’s eyes glaze over when I speak – I’d like someone whose eyes focus clearly, right back into mine.

But to deserve such a girlfriend I must be disciplined, ambitious, organized, and attacked by a swarm of new ideas – yes, like bees. We’ll make honey!

When I write, or sing a tune, I’d like it to make a really good impression – I would like people to feel it, or to think. I don’t want to be followed down the street, if it can be avoided, but a tip of the hat on a regular basis would be nice.

Big changes are coming? How about people looking at each other instead of their phones? I am now thinking of the people eternally on phones as Phonies – not because they’re insincere, but because they’re not where they are – they are simply on the phone. Streets change, cars and people go by, but all they are thinking is what’s on their phone. Someday they may look back at these days and think, “What was I doing while that was going on?”

Eventually, iPhones will become obsolete, and the former happily-obsessed owners will then reminisce about their youth. “Remember the iPhone? They were so great…and Facebook?”

And that reminds me of music – in our modern world, most generations dislike the music they grew up with, and devise new styles based on advances in technology and changes in attitudes. They will grow to hate Hip Hop, as it will remind them of their parents and their left-behind childhood. What music will replace it? Can we even imagine? No, we can’t.

I demand a lot of myself – rarely does a day go by when I give myself an “A”. I’m more of a “B” guy. I ask that I become better. Big change? Happier with myself, easier to like. Making everyone else feel good. Feeling good by making others look good. Being humble and down-to-earth while working on extravagantly novel things. If I am worth getting to know, someone will want to. If I forget about other people’s impressions of me, they will be more impressed.

I can’t yet travel the world on my own money, but if I could tour the world playing music I could both give and receive, so for me that’s really a step up. I would be welcomed! That is a big change right there. That is my favorite Dream. If I’m not touring, my choices are more limited. Europe: I want Paris; I want London, Italy, Germany, and Switzerland. Asia too would be nice. I’d like Bhutan, Tibet, and a short visit to Japan. I say short cause they are nuts – Korea too is nuts – probably crazier, as they seem to yell everything at each other. Madagascar is near the top of my list. I’d like to visit when the people there are generally happy and the government isn’t being overthrown. Africa! Morocco please, Egypt, and East Africa – the last based on Joseph Conrad, though he wrote about the way it was 200 years ago. Oh, South America. I would avoid the Amazon, as the creepiest creatures on Earth live there. By the time I circle the globe I’ll probably change my mind about a lot of these things, but sometimes you just have to taste something to know if you can eat it or not.

Hawaii – it’s a paradise, but only if you’re a millionaire. Nowadays, I would say that being a millionaire would mean making a million a year (net), not having a million in the bank – because as soon as you spent any, there goes your identity. A billionaire? I don’t believe there should be any.

Can I marry rich? That is like launching a rocket into space and hoping to find a planet. Chances are slim. Since it has happened to some people, I would not mind being one – but that of course includes my personality, which would prove my qualifications or disqualify me. I am not worried about becoming deeply involved in that which is unlikely to work out – I am done with such. I know enough now.

Big changes – for one thing I’d either leave Vermont or move to a remote Vermont mountain instead of living in its biggest city. And of course, moving to the wilderness means you need a gun, and you need to bring the party with you, because you will not find one in progress.

Could I meet a woman close to my age for whom my every eccentricity is a delight? I’d like the reverse to be true also – I want to make someone truly happy. I don’t know how long that would last, but if I’m really lucky it could last “forever.” When and if I’m sinking, that’s it – pull the plug, see you next chapter. I’ve filled in my “Advance Directive.” I have a Will.

Big changes are coming… How big do they have to be to be big? It’s either one or the other, or it’s neither one nor the other. Maybe a big change will just be the freaking weather! That would sort of invalidate my Tarot pick – we’ll all see big changes, won’t we? Yep.

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